Sponsor List

The sponsors listed below represent the best in the industry. There is no compromise on quality anywhere on the HydroCar project – so if their name is listed here, their products are tried and true! We have also included a link to their websites so you can check out their quality products for yourself.





Accon Marine

When deciding on the marine hardware and navigation lights for the HydroCar, the choice was easy – Accon Marine. Flush-mounted cleats are only the beginning. How about flush-mounted navigation lights? Follow this with flush-mounted tie downs and ski tows and you get the picture. These guys are a high-tech boat owner’s dream.


Afco Performance

Custom made aluminum radiator to make sure the big block engine stays cool.


Alcoa Wheels 

One-piece forged aluminum wheels designed to hold up to the horsepower and torque developed by the engine.


Arneson Industries

Arneson Industries is the world leader in surface drive systems. The ASD-6 drive used on the HydroCar is a factory-modified unit capable of handling over 750 hp.


Atlas Transfer Case

The Atlas transfer case is an all-gear driven unit that will easily handle the horsepower and torque of the 572 cubic inch Merlin Hardcore Chevy engine. It was custom made as a right-hand unit and can be shifted for the front wheels only, the prop only, or both together, during launches and landings.


B & T Auto Service

I have always enjoyed the challenge of designing, fabricating and testing new ideas… but when it comes to the mechanical stuff, I turn to the experts at B & T Auto Service for advice and a helping hand. With over fifty years of combined experience, these are the guys that I trust for everything from the maintenance on my daily driver to the final tuning on the HydroCar.


Classic Tube

When it came time to decide on the brake lines, there was only one choice – Classic Tube. We went with their stainless steel tubing as well as their StopFlex Stainless Steel DOT Certified Braided Brake Hoses to complete the braking system. In my mind, there is no substitute for stainless, whether it’s on an amphibious craft or your daily driver – these lines will last for the life of the car. Classic Tube is really bent on perfection!


Colors & Customs

To make sure that the HydroCar looks as good as it runs, it was taken to Colors & Customs in Syracuse, NY for the final bodywork and paint.


Currie Enterprises 


An aluminum Dana 60 high-clearance front drive axle with a Tractech locker for effortless entry and exit from the water. Also a rear steer axle for tight cornering.

Custom Autosound 

A complete hidden, remote-controlled sound system for clearance and security.

Deist Safety 

Custom-made 4-Way harnesses for safety. 


An epoxy primer will be used as a base over the marine grade aluminum, then coated with DuPont’s Imron in a Corvette yellow to make sure the finish can withstand the harsh environments on both land and sea.



8 – Air springs to raise and lower the body.   8 – Air springs to raise and lower the axles.  A complete air actuating system.

Flaming River

From the high-tech steering wheel to the quick ratio steering box and everything in between, we chose Flaming River – the Complete Steering Company. These guys have all of those impossible to find components like a 7.5" long stainless steel dash-mounted tilt column, stainless u-joints and shafting, plus an array of electrical components that completed the installation. It’s great to find it all under one roof – especially with a project as complex as the HydroCar.

Fleet Pride

To transfer the horsepower and torque from the engine to the wheels and propeller we went with one of the most trusted names in driveline components – Fleet Pride. Their tech people designed a custom three-piece driveshaft for the front axle as well as a bullet-proof 1410 series propshaft for the Arneson Surface Drive. Fleet Pride also supplied us with made to order cables to control the shifter, transfer case emergency brakes and throttle.

Frigo Design

Precision sheet metal fabrication for the body panels and drivetrain.


A 400,000 wireless remote-controlled boat light with navigation lights.

Hot Flash

We chose the complete line of Hot Flash Car Care Products and waxes for the HydroCar. The first time you try Hot Flash you'll understand why these amazing products are used on more top show cars and bikes than all other brands combined. With Hot Flash Products, you can count on getting the improved performance and ease you're looking for. Simply, our chemists are as passionate about their formulas as our customers are about their specialty vehicles and will not release any of our products until they are proven to the best available.

J & T Automotive

Getting the glass cut properly for the HydroCar was very important. This is one of the only times we looked for an expert in ‘cutting corners.’ J & T Automotive was recommended and we weren’t disappointed. We dropped the seven window patterns off at their shop, where they were cut and delivered right to the HydroCar. The finished product looks like it came right out of the HydroCar assembly plant.

JBA – Cat-4-Ward 

Stainless steel exhaust headers with a titanium coating to make sure that the engine develops the maximum horsepower.

Mason Dynamics

Since the HydroCar is equipped with manual steering for land and hydraulic steering only for the water, we required a 12-volt pump to power the system, instead of an engine driven unit. We contacted Mason Dynamics and had a one-off custom-made pump delivered to us in just two days. This kind of 24-service wasn’t because they were one of our sponsors, but the way they do business with each and every customer. In this day and age, it’s great to find a company that says what they’ll deliver – and deliver what they say.

Michelin Tires

Selecting the tire brand was simple – Michelin. We selected their LTX M/S tires for the HydroCar project in a P265/70R17 size. These tires offer both great handling on dry surfaces as well as superior gripping on wet surfaces – something that is very important when selecting tires for an amphibian.

Miller Electric 


Welding equipment. What’s the point of having the best products if there isn’t a way to put them all together? That’s why we have relied on Miller Electric products for all of our projects.

MSD Ignition 

Selecting ignition and charging systems for the HydroCar was easy – MSD. I’ve used MSD ignition systems in all of my former projects for a strong, reliable spark and never even had a hint of a problem. We chose the MSD 7ML-2 Ignition along with their 7-series coil, a billet distributor and their race-proved 8.5 mm spark plug wires to make sure our 572 would run strong at any RPM. For plenty of amperage, we decided on their one-wire 160-amp alternator, equipped with the slickest, most versatile mounting system we’ve ever seen.

Nu-Way Hydraulics

When I needed an extra length trim cylinder for the HydroCar’s Surface Drive unit, I turned to the experts at Nu-Way Hydraulics to machine it to the exacting specifications required for a marine environment. When it was ready to test for the first time, they were out there to make sure everything went as planned – and the steering and trim worked perfectly right from the start.

Performance Automotive and Transmission Center

PATC's 4L80E Quadzilla transmission has been selected for the Dobbertin HydroCar project. This is one of the few transmissions in the world up to the challenge of the 750 hp and 727 lbs. of torque produced by the massive 572 cubic inch Merlin Hardcore engine.

Quality Controls, Inc.

The HydroCar depends solely on pneumatics to actuate the sponsons, wheel well doors and suspension. Since an equipment failure in any of these areas could leave us ‘dead in the water’ we went with a name we knew we could depend on – Quality Controls Inc. If a component is moving, and it’s air actuated, then it’s thanks to Quality Controls’ stainless steel 4-way valves.

RHH Marine Foam

This is the ultimate in closed-cell marine floatation foam.  The system comes complete with hoses, a gun and spare nozzles.  The finished foam weighs only two pounds per cubic foot and is very easy to use.  The foam expands to its final size and cures in less than a minute which lets the user see the results almost instantly.

Ross Controls

The key to a reliable pneumatic system is a steady supply of clean, dry air. That’s why we went with Ross Controls for their unique line of air filters, air mufflers and reverse-flow regulators. These components are the very heart of the HydroCar project.

Rumetco Sales

I have purchased every piece of hardware for my last two projects from Rumetco Sales. They offer the largest selection of standard, stainless steel and specialty hardware that I have ever seen – all at prices most of their competitors can’t even come close to. If they don’t have it in stock, their knowledgeable staff can usually round it up within a couple days, helping to keep my project on schedule.

Spinneybeck Leather

The Recaro seats as well as the rest of the interior will be covered in Spinneybeck’s marine grade leather.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.

Since the HydroCar will be equipped with Merlin’s 572 / 750 for power, we needed a braking system that would stop it as well as it goes. The decision was east – SSBC’s four-wheel disc brakes, their mechanical drive shaft brake, a billet master cylinder, chrome booster and even an electric vacuum pump to aid with the engine’s vacuum.

Summit Racing Equipment

Summit Racing Equipment stocks every type of performance part imaginable. They not only carry the major brands, but also their own line of quality parts. That’s why we contacted them for components including the fuel pump, regulator and filter, the fuel tanks, a high torque starter, trans and engine coolers, radiator fans, trans and transfer case shifters, switches and gaskets. The best part – everything was priced right, in stock and shipped the very same day!



Stainless steel racing mufflers to make sure that the engine develops the maximum horsepower.


I’ve depended on Superwinch products since the early 90s. My first amphibious vehicle had two 12,000-pound winches mounted on the roof (one fore and one aft) that pulled me and my 18,000-pound project out of more tight spots than I’d like to remember. For the HydroCar, I chose the Superwinch S-5000 winch, with its 15-foot handheld remote switch, just in case we needed a little help launching or landing. The same winch can also be mounted in the trailer to aid in loading and unloading the HydroCar. The HydroCar also depends on two Superwinch locking axle hubs (check out the interior photos) for the main manual switching links between the land and water steering modes. With the locking hubs, we can easily select land steering, water steering or both.

Tractech Inc

The HydroCar will be equipped with a Detroit Electrac limited slip differential that can be converted to a fully locked-up unit with the flip of a switch.  This will ensure that the craft never becomes stuck while entering or exiting the water – always one of the most difficult procedures for any amphibious craft.

Twin Disc

Manufacturers of Swiss-made Rolla propellers, the six-bladed stainless steel propeller used on the HydroCar represents years of research by the staff at Twin Disc. There is no finer prop in the world.



Instrumentation to monitor all of the HydroCar’s systems in both the land and water modes.

Viair Corp

Two on-board air compressors will make sure that all of the systems on the HydroCar always have the plenty of compressed air to activate the necessary systems.




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