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"We had a chance to do a few burnouts in Rick’s slick trick, and while the nitrous wasn’t hooked up, neither were the tires."  "The power, even at partial throttle, was frightening, and the noise generated by the combined turbos and Roots blower was beyond belief."

"As its name implies, this Nova has it all - and some.   But unlike many a heavy-handed chrome artist, Dobbertin knows the difference between Overkill and overdone."

Gray Baskerville - Senior Editor
Hot Rod Magazine – September 1982


And The Winner Is...

"And then it happens.  You can sense it coming, like an apparition from a Dickens novel.  The increased murmuring from the crowd confirms the ominous whine of an approaching blower.  When it finally comes into view, Rick Dobbertin’s ’65 Nova is immersed in a sea of onlookers, inching its way through a throng that knows it is witnessing the passing of a consummate street machine, the King of the Pro Street movement, and an engineering masterpiece second to none."

Tom Dufur - Feature Editor
Car Craft Magazine – October 1982


Street Machine Of The Year

"Rick’s eye-popping boulevard rocket was the hands-down favorite among the staff as well as the readers.  We feel it’s easily the most visually stupefying vehicle we’ve seen for the street in a long while.  Senior Editor Gray Baskerville went for a very frightening and mercifully short ride in Rick’s masterpiece.  Our hats off to ya’, Rick. Congratulations from HOT ROD."

The Editorial Staff
Hot Rod Magazine – April 1983


Rick's Roots

"Take one ’65 Nova Chevy II, paint it blue and stuff it with 454 cubic inches of turbocharged, supercharged and injected Chevy muscle and you have the stuff dreams are made of.  For anyone who wasn’t with us four years ago, this is the Deuce that Rick built – the car that defined the direction of Pro Street for a whole new generation of car crafters."

Bruce Hampson - Feature Editor
Car Craft Magazine – August 1986


The First 50 Years 

"Rick Dobbertin’s audacious blue ‘65 Nova in the September ‘82 issue put the entire street machine world in the weeds."

The Editorial Staff
Hot Rod Magazine – January 1998


20 Bad-Ass Beasties

"We all know the most distinguishing characteristic of a hot rodder is wretched excess.  Rick Dobbertin, who owned a speed shop at the time, eventually graduated summa cum loud from that school of thought.  Dobbertin’s Overkill was simply the by-product of a rodder being a rodder."

Gray Baskerville - Senior Editor
Hot Rod magazine – July 1998


Baddest Novas Of All Time

"Most important when viewing any Dobbertin creation is to remember his extreme attention to detail.  The Nova virtually swept every show it attended that year.  In fact, Dobbertin was so influential that the Street Machine Nationals the following year was virtually awash in blue ‘65 Chevy IIs.  If you had to pick one Nova or Chevy II that had the greatest impact on the sport, it would have to be this car."

Jeff Smith - Editor
Chevy High Performance – December 1998


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