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The idea was a basic one.  Build a full-bore Pro-Street Ford Pickup during the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals from 9:00am Friday morning to 4:00pm Sunday afternoon – a total of 55 hours.

I coordinated the entire process from designing the transformation, contacting the sponsors, securing the parts, gathering the necessary tools and labor then transporting the entire mess to Duquoin, Illinois in the back of my car hauler truck.

I had my first glimpse of the project vehicle less than twelve hours before the starting gun was set to go off, but with the right crew I knew we could do it. Had I had planned for every contingency?  How about a broken rear axle yoke, the wrong headers, a mismatched intake and carburetor, torrential rain, lightening strikes within 50 yards of the tent (hospitalizing four) and intermittent power outages?  No Problem… we finished with about 15 minutes to spare!



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