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1986 Hot Rod Of The Year

"It would be nearly impossible to pick the most significant hot rod of 1986 if Rick Dobbertin hadn’t stepped up with his beyond-belief J-2000. But he did, and the rest of the street-type hot rodding movement had to step back to catch its collective breath. We can’t divine what direction the Pro-Street syndrome will take; still, we cannot help but think that Rick’s righteous Poncho act will be leading the pack."

The Editorial Staff


The Top Ten Cars Of The Decade

"The only person to have two Top Ten cars in the same decade, (1980s) Rick Dobbertin is a free-spirited car builder who has a real knack for making excess look just right. His Pro Street Pontiac J-2000 incorporated virtually every known piece of speed equipment, and managed to do it tastefully enough to collect top honors almost everywhere the car appeared. Rick’s work of automotive art graced the covers of virtually all the performance automotive magazines, as his Pontiac broke new ground, setting construction and quality standards almost impossible to match, much less surpass. In the great Hot Rod Hall of Fame, Rick Dobbertin’s J-2000 is one of the masterpieces."

John Baechtel – Executive Editor


The Ten Best Street Machines Of All Time

"The J-2000 must be recognized for the work of art it truly is, and what it did to the entire world of hot rodding. It’s a work of art just as breathtaking as the Mona Lisa. No one will ever top it, or even equal it, and no one would want to. It combines the radicalness of an idea and fanatical attention to detail with quality workmanship."

Rob Kinnan – Feature Editor


The First 50 Years

"Rick Dobbertin’s audacious blue ‘65 Nova in the September ‘82 issue put the entire street machine world in the weeds."

"Then we resurrected an old idea: The Hot Rod of the Year. The first of the chosen was Dobbertin’s amazing, flip-top, double-throwdown Pontiac J-2000 in 1986. Anything short of a flagrant disregard for conventional wisdom would have been wimping out."

The Editorial Staff


Special Edition – Fifty Fabulous Features –The Cars That Helped Define HOT ROD Magazine 

To commemorate Hot Rod Magazine’s 50th Anniversary, the senior editorial staff searched through 600 previous issues and over 7,500 feature vehicles to select and honor 50 cars that they felt helped define Hot Rod Magazine.

Rick Dobbertin’s 1985 Pontiac J-2000 was one of the chosen.

Below is what the editors had to say…

"What we have here is nothing less than the ultimate evolution of Pro Street. That it came so early in the genre’s reign speaks volumes about Rick Dobbertin’s foresight and abilities as a dreamer and a builder. That no other pro streeter in a dozen years since its arrival has managed to top it speaks just as loudly."

"Dobbertin’s Pontiac J-2000 was so significant that Revell even offered a model kit of the car."

Revell Model Corporation


The Editorial Staff


One Step Beyond Pro Street

"Miracles, according to H. G. Wells, a master storyteller who’s managed to concoct a few of his own on occasion, are nothing if not improbable. They happen by the sheer power of a man’s will. If you can believe what your eyes are telling you, that’s a pretty fair description of Rick Dobbertin’s twice blown, twice turbocharged unearthly Pontiac J-2000. The awesome Indian is, in fact, a "Miracle" of American Ingenuity. The Pontiac is pure poetry in motion. It’s a work of art, plain and simple."

"It’s been said that reality is for people with no imagination. Dobbertin’s Radical Pontiac J-2000 has indeed served to bridge the chasm between fantasy and reality. This is the car every person who has ever picked up a wrench would like to build, if he only could. It’s Walter Mitty’s daily driver."

Bruce Hampson – Feature Editor


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