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"Ever since its inception in 1953, Chevrolet’s fiberglass flagship has been the leading edge of performance for the Bow-Tie division. Many ‘Vette Fanatics’ believe that of all the various incarnations, the one that most captured the essence of the Corvette is the ’67 Stingray. Clean, uncluttered lines, refined from the revolutionary styling of the ’63 Stingray, this ‘Vette had a purity and eloquence that the overweight ‘68’s and subsequent models could never match."

"So when Pro Street builder Rick Dobbertin decided to try his hand at a restoration project, the ’67 big-block Corvette was a natural. This pristine example, with its 427/400 powerplant, 4-speed transmission, factory air conditioning, side exhaust, knock-off wheels, headrests and teak steering wheel, is definitely one of the most desired combinations to ever hit the pavement… but what else would you expect from Dobbertin?"

The Editorial Staff
Car craft Magazine – October 1986


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